Tax Ideas for Recently Married Couples

If you got married last year, you might have a lot to learn when it comes to filing taxes this April. Before the tax deadline sneaks up on you, sit down with your partner to discuss the tax decisions that you’ll need to make together as you file taxes for the first time as a married couple.

When it comes to income tax filing, your marital status on the last day of the year determines your marital status for the entire year, and many individuals have their taxes change dramatically after they get married, so it is important to understand how the following topics will affect your tax preparation this year. One option is to use a well-known solicitor like Essex Legal Experts.

Filing status

Every newly-married couple must decide whether to file federal income taxes jointly or separately for the year that you got married. This is also true for married same-sex couples. However, domestic partners, even when they are registered, may not file a federal tax return using a married filing jointly or married filing separately status.

With a joint return, you and your spouse are both responsible for the taxes, interest and penalties due on the return, whereas when filing separately, each spouse is only responsible for his or her own taxes, interest and penalties. More detailed information can be gathered by using a certified personal tax solicitor.



Generally, married couples see better tax results when they file a joint return. In fact, the most recent report from the IRS indicates that less than 5% of married couples opt to file separately. When filing jointly, married couples can claim two personal exemptions instead of one and can use a standard deduction of $12,400 verses the single taxpayer deduction of $6,200. You can also choose to itemize your deductions for benefits like mortgage interest payments. Additionally, you only have to prepare one tax return, so you don’t have to decide who takes each deduction.

Filing separately is rare, but there are two instances where it may make sense: student loan income-based repayment and tax liability. In these cases, couples may consider calculating their tax liability both ways (filing jointly and filing separately) to determine which filing status results in the lowest taxes due.

Student loans

Many newlyweds are surprised to learn that how they file taxes (jointly/separately) will impact their monthly student loan payments. If you have a federal student loan and are using an Income Based Repayment (IBR) Plan, you may lose your IBR payment status if you file jointly.

IBR plans use your discretionary income to determine your monthly payment amount based on your previously filed federal income tax return.

If you file separately, the government will only consider only your income, not your spouse’s, in calculating your monthly payments. Typically, if you have loans and your spouse has income and is debt free, filing separately will be a smart decision. Even if you file separately, your loan service provider will most likely ask you to count your spouse in your household size, which is also a benefit and will reduce your payments by an average of $50 a month.

This repayment estimator created by the Department of Education is a good tool to help you determine what payment option is best for your family.

Should You Use Your Credit Card Abroad

Until relatively recently, the majority of people who holidayed abroad took travellers cheques or the local currency with them. But carrying a substantial amount of cash can be risky, particularly in countries where petty theft and pickpocketing are rife. And traveller’s cheques, while safer, can be difficult to exchange for cash or to settle bills when you are holidaying away from the main tourist centres. Using your credit card abroad offers a safer and more convenient way of paying hotel and restaurant bills as well as other spending such as a luxury massage at Essex Body Care ( No wonder, then, that the majority of payments made by British travellers overseas are now made by plastic.


But using your credit card abroad can be expensive. Banks and other issuers will charge you more than once every time you use your credit card overseas and if you withdraw cash with them, the fees you’ll end up paying can be exorbitant.

What will I pay?

If you use your credit card sensibly at home or for only special occasions such as one of shopping trips or a luxury massage therapy, it can be a great way of borrowing without paying any interest while at the same time earning cashback or Air Miles and other loyalty incentives. Regularly paying your bill off in full each month will ensure that you can borrow interest free for 30 days and continue to maintain a great credit record.

But taking your card on holiday will not be the same pain-free experience: you’ll pay charges that you’ll never face at home and you won’t know about many of them until you open your card statement a month later.

Many credit card providers levy a range of fees for using them abroad including:

  1. A foreign exchange fee. When you use a card – either a debit or a credit card – abroad you may find your bank or credit card provider levying a fee on each transaction. This varies by provider but averages around 2.75 per cent of each transaction total.
  2. Withdrawing money from an ATM. This is expensive in the UK but becomes more so when you do it abroad using a credit card. It may mean that you’ll always have access to local currency but your card provider may charge you as much as 4 per cent in fees for every cash withdrawal you make.
  3. If you’re going away for a few weeks and only have the minimum repayment set up on your credit card, then you may be charged interest in what you spend abroad.

Things to avoid

If you do have to use your credit card abroad, then you can save yourself as much as possible in fees by limiting your use of it to paying for goods and services only. Don’t use it to withdraw money from ATMs so if you think you will need foreign currency when you’re away, it is better to order some of this before you travel.

Don’t rack up multiple foreign exchange fees by making lots of small payments – try to limit the use of the card to larger payments. Even though these transactions are all subject to foreign exchange fees, the interest rate tends to be lower the more you spend in a single transaction.


Fees Associated with Hiring a Lawyer


In the event your lawyer guarantees you that you’ll be well taken care of but does not inform you of the specifics of how you’ll pay for the service, request for some information about extra charges during your first visit. Most lawyers like Optimum Brains who advise small business clients about a lease use one of the following two fee arrangements.

Paying By the Hour

Paying your lawyer by the hour is the most common method. In most parts of the United States, you can get competent services for your small business for $150 to $250 an hour. A top Albany company will bill in six-, ten-, or 15-minute increments. Understand that these are the smallest “chunks” of time that the lawyer will bill for, even if a given task actually took less time. For example, a lawyer who bills in six-minute increments will charge you for the full six minutes even though a particular phone call lasted only two.

If you are concerned about runaway hourly costs, you can ask the lawyer to agree to a “cap,” or an upper billing amount. This means that when the cap has been reached (or is near), the billing will stop (and the lawyer will stop working) until you authorize more work. You might have to do so if you run into an unusual snag that requires many more hours of legal services than either of you anticipated. For example, if a complex environmental issue pops up during negotiations—involving asbestos in your building or an underground storage tank beneath it—your lawyer may reasonably expect payment over and above the cap.

If your lawyer will be delegating some work to a less experienced associate, paralegal, or secretary, the delegated work should be billed at a lower hourly rate. Your fee arrangement should specify the rates for associates and paralegals if they will be in the picture.

Paying a Flat Fee

Sometimes a lawyer will quote you a flat fee for a specific job—for example, the lawyer may offer to review your commercial lease for $450. In a flat fee agreement, you pay the same amount regardless of how much time the lawyer spends on the particular job.

When an attorney is highly recommended by others and the flat fee is moderate, this can be a great arrangement for you. But if the assignment is open-ended—for example, it might involve extensive negotiations or a lot of redrafting—a lawyer won’t agree to work for a fixed amount. Merely reviewing a lease is one thing—negotiating and drafting is quite another.

To secure a flat fee or cap, dangle the prospect of more work ahead. Explain to the lawyer that yours is a small business with a limited budget. Especially if you’re just starting out, mention that you’ll have other legal needs in the future if your business succeeds. The possibility of more lucrative work in the future may persuade the lawyer to offer an attractive fee arrangement with you now.

Paying the Lawyer’s “Costs”

Lawyers may charge you for more than just the value of their services. Typically, lawyers charge clients for costs that are not included in the lawyer’s normal office overhead, such as travel, hiring experts, time spent on online legal research databases, or other consultants—and some even charge for photocopying! Be sure to find out whether you will be charged for itemized costs and, if so, what they are and how much you’ll pay.

How to Raise Money for a Loft Conversion

Enhance, don’t move’ has turned into a mantra for families all through the country. Numerous individuals are pulled in by the potential outcomes of growing and broadening their homes instead of managing the whine and bother of moving house. Space changes are still colossally prevalent, and there are a lot of ways you can change your dull, exposed space into something otherworldly. In the event that you don’t favour going for the customary extra room choice then what about transforming your loft into a light, splendid innovative studio?

Loft Extensions can give the ideal space to change into an imaginative centre point. This regularly unused space is situated far from the hurrying around of whatever is left of the house, giving you more peace and calm than different rooms will. Furthermore, being at the exceptionally top of your home means you could profit by some incredible perspectives, which are ideal for helping you discover motivation in nature.

Here are a couple focuses to consider in case you’re pondering changing your space into an innovative zone inside your home.

Let there be light

Light is a standout amongst the most vital things to consider in case you’re thinking about changing your space into a centre point of innovativeness.

There are a lot of various alternatives accessible to you with regards to flooding your recently redesigned space transformation with huge amounts of common light. Focus turn rooftop windows are an exemplary with regards to illuminating your space transformation, and are incredible for higher establishments. You can even get electric rooftop windows for out of achieve places so you can give outside air access for a more agreeable space. Furthermore, they include a little touch of extravagance!

Top hung windows are perfect on the off chance that you need to make the most out of your rooftop window. As they open outwards, there’s no band projecting into your room and consuming up room (or making the chance to knock your head!). You’ll additionally appreciate the best measure of headspace and all-encompassing perspectives with a top hung window. An extraordinary open door for a 5 minute break with some tea to help your inventive juices.

Our specialists know how you can get the most out of your rooftop windows, whether it’s situating them effectively to catch the best measure of light or making a dazzling element with two or more windows.

Another exceptional method for taking motivation from nature is by opening up your new innovative space through the establishment of a gallery window framework. These inventive rooftop windows make a ravishing Juliet-style overhang with one tender push, and are the ideal approach to open up your space and benefit as much as possible from the dazzling perspectives.

Make it Beautiful

Once you’ve settled on the choice to make a dazzling rousing space in your space, the following stride is the fun bit – decorating.

Consider what you need your space to feel like and after that work you’re shading palette around this. Lilac and purple tones are known for their relationship with imagination, euphoria and deep sense of being, which makes them incredible alternatives for an inventive space. White and nonpartisan tones have spotless, immaculate essences, and are ideal for making a clear canvas in which to permit yourself to benefit as much as possible from your creative energy.

Mirrors are an extraordinary way capitalize on the light inside your new space, skipping beams around your room and making a more prominent feeling of profundity inside the space. Glass has a comparable impact, so when you’re pondering adorning your new studio maybe speck around a couple of perfect mirrors or hang some divider workmanship in glass outlines. This supports the style in the space, as well as it makes the entire room feel greater and brighter. A well reputable company such as Stanleyhlehner will be able to really get the most out of your investment.

How much money does a loft conversion cost?

Most loft conversions Chelmsford will easily fit within a budget of £30,000 to £40,000 although this obviously depends on the type and size. However, a loft conversions Ports the benefits of converting a loft are not only the extra space that is added. You will find that the value of the property will also increase by a well-designed loft conversion.

roof conversion cost

How can a short-term loan help me?

It’s quite understandable that we may not immediately have access to such high costs to begin an loft size conversion. In such situations, short term loans are the best solution for the borrowers to meet their financial emergencies. These funds help you to satisfy the requests that are earnest and basic like as credit cards, shopping charges, hospital expenses, educational cost expenses, auto repair, water and power bills, visits and voyages and so forth. These funds are extraordinary alternatives for occupation individual since they can without much of a stretch pay back these credits on their next payday. That is the reason, these trade development are out extraordinary interest among salaried individuals.

In particular, choose over what period you wish to reimburse the credit. Individual advances are on a month to month premise more costly yet are keep running over a shorter term, so are released more rapidly than your average home loan. Holding a credit of this size over a full home loan term would be costly, so just do this on the off chance that you truly need to discourage your month to month outgoings.

Settle on what you can stand to focus on month to month, and in the event that you can reimburse this over say 5 years not 20 or 25, the advance would be the better approach. On a very basic level however, loft conversions more often than not add esteem to your expectations for everyday comforts as well as you will profit on what you spend, through house value thankfulness, so this is something worth being thankful for to do once you know you can stand to confer.

Using credit card rates for a segment will make the cost less expensive still, simply keep an eye out for the terms and conditions and possibly a charge if you physically pay the building firm with your credit card, or pull back money on the card, those bits may not be free.


Using the Right Payday Loan Lender

There are a great deal of people who live starting with one paycheck then onto the next and depend on quick direct payday advance suppliers in an approach to increase their accounts and make a decent living. The extra costs from getting these speedy payday advances money puts a considerable measure of borrowers helpless before banks and deceitful advance sharks. Regardless of the possibility that advances get paid on time, the extra interests will more often than not be a weight that deducts from the family’s financial plan.


Individuals wind up getting into overwhelming obligations, and in the process they all battle to get recovered. Not until the borrowers can discover extra work, or get money help from family or companion, cash issues will more often than not heap up effectively. Transient loan specialist would regularly gather instalments every last two weeks by and large. Amid this time, there is very little time for you to recuperate from one instalment just before the following pay date comes. The borrower is set to pay every one of the charges as least instalments. Contrasted with Mastercards, payday advances call for high intrigue expenses which are much all the more harming on the financial plan. Periodically, these borrowers will get another payday credit with a specific end goal to gather from the other one. It is an endless loop which will just endure to devour whatever is left of one’s accounts.

Is it conceivable to get rid of included money related issues when utilizing an immediate payday loan specialist for budgetary crises? There are a few borrowers who pay off their advances right on the bat. Keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to achieve this, you need to think of an extraordinary result plan and recall to pay your levy on time to maintain a strategic distance from any issues along the way.

Looking For The Right Direct Payday Loans Lender

Search for a dependable and genuine direct payday loan specialist. Go to an immediate bank that offers aggressive charges. For each advance you make, make sure to set a charge up to full instalment. Lower financing costs can prompt lower charges which takes into consideration simple full instalment quick. Any business which neglects to give free application must be denied access to your essential ledger. These charges are forced regardless of whether your payday credit gets endorsed or not. In the event that you acknowledge to pay moneylender money, guarantee that the loan specialist has real cash administration that is honest to goodness enough.

Therefore, it is additionally crucial to peruse and completely comprehend the fine print before marking it. In the event that you don’t consent to the organization’s terms, then never be forced to acquire the credit from them. With such a variety of mindful loan specialists in the business sector today who needs to win your business, there is no utilization staying with the one that you not happy with.

Make it a point to converse with the agent and be forthright. Phone discussion will manage the cost of you a decent vibe and evaluation about the organization’s general client administration. Be immediate with your worries and request any elucidation and inquiries that you may have before you at long last get that credit from the right payday bank.

How to Stay Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

There’s nothing like car breakdown that can slow down your road trip. Even if you look after your vehicle and maintain it regularly, car breakdowns can often be unavoidable as well as unexpected. It is however a good idea to get up to speed on the common causes of a car breakdown, just so you can aim to try and prevent any of these problems popping up on your travels. Here are the failures that cause your vehicle for temporary or permanent breakdowns.

Engine Overheating

Engine overheating is one of the common breakdown failures. While driving for a long road trip make sure that you take a break to cool down your car engine. Faulty cooling system is the main reasons of vehicle overheating so don’t wait until the smoke comes out of the engine. Go for regular check-ups of car fluid like car coolant and car engine oil. In case of engine overheating turn off your air conditioner, run toward the engine and open the bonnet.

Engine Overheating
Flat Tyre / Blowout

One of the most common causes of vehicle failure is a flat tyre or tyre blowout. High or low tyre air pressure can cause for flat tyres or tyre blowouts. Mostly in the summer, air pressure should be checked regular whether you need to add or let the air out of the tyre. In India there are few cars having computerized air pressure checking system but in simple cars it’s rare to find it. Most of the fuel filling stations have air pressure checker where you can check air pressure.

Running out of fuel
Another common cause of a vehicle breakdown is one that can happen to the best of us; running out of fuel. The obvious prevention is to keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Try to keep your fuel level above a quarter tank, which will give you enough fuel and time to drive to the nearest petrol station or at least, your desired location

Battery Dead

Dead battery can cause you to stay on the road. Make sure that your battery is charging properly and change it periodically to avoid any sudden dead battery situation. Make sure your battery is surrounded by the plastic pieces, engineered to keep battery cool. Battery is mainly used to give a start to engine, in case your car is taking too long time to start check battery or replace it with new one. If your battery is taking too long to charge it symbolizes that battery is dead.

Evaporation leak

If you are using gas as a fuel then be cautious because increasing outer temperature can increase pressure of gas tank. Check your gas kit on regular basis, a leak of 0.02 mm can cause a big trouble for you so never ignore gas leak check-ups.
Engine Hesitation or Surge: This problem may occur for the variety of reasons such as dirty air filter, which can cause your engine to work hard that indirectly affect engine work efficiency. If such problems are not fixed this can cause for major engine faults and lead to expensive repair. If you are driving on the road and such situation occurs then calling a roadside assistance is the best way to avoid hustle at the time your vehicle breakdown.

How a Short-term loan can help you?

Whenever, we face urgent car breakdown troubles, we need immediate cash to deal those situations. In such situations, short term loans are the best solution for the borrowers to meet their financial emergencies. These finances help you to fulfill the demands that are urgent and indispensable like as credit card dues, shopping bills, medical bills, tuition fees, car repair, water and electricity bills, tours and travels etc. These finances are unique options for job person because they can easily pay back these loans on their next payday. That’s why, these cash advance are in great demand among salaried people.

Short term loan
To open with, these cash advance come with a small amount of £100 to £1200 with a reimbursement term of 14 to 31 days. If you feel uncomfortable to pay back within given period, you can rollover the term by informing lender’s office. But, it will add some extra charges in your account. Moreover, these short term loans online are collateral free and offered without conducting any credit check. A borrower is not asked to provide any asset for the security against loan because these are short term loans. Also, bad creditors can easily claim these finances because there is no credit verification required. Thus, these credit plans become a useful option for credit challenged people.

These loans are also free from other tedious formalities. You will never be asked to submit any paper or other documents for the loan. Also, you don’t need to go anywhere personally. Online mode will help you to avail these funds. By using your PC or laptop, you can apply for these cash schemes. The interest rates are a bit higher in these finances, so, it is advised to borrow only limited amount that you need. Also, the repayments should be made on appropriate time.

Although, these short term personal loans are quite simple to claim yet there are some eligibilities made necessary by the lender to clear. First eligibility is regarding your residence. You must be citizen of U.K. Your age should be 18 years. Also, you must have a steady job because your job is a great security to the lender. You must earn £1000 per month at least. And last, you must have U.K. valid bank account for the further transactions. If you fulfill all these requirements, loan is credited to you just in few hours.

Furthermore, these plans are issued only on the basis of borrower’s monthly income and repayment capability. Also, you may be asked to provide a post-dated cheque that will be possessed by lender as the security of the loan.

The main factor to consider before setting off on your travels is that you’re fully prepared for the worst. Are you equipped with jump leads, a torch, spare bulbs and fluids? Is your mobile phone fully charged for short term loan emergencies? With all this in mind, you’re well on your way to steering away from any potential breakdowns this summer.